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A Matter of Concrete

/004² Colombia — Mustafá Estate (Espresso)

/004² Colombia — Mustafá Estate (Espresso)

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  • Profile Apples, variety of nuts, orange-like acidity
  • Origin Pereira, Risalda, Colombia
  • Farmer Mustafá Estate — Ana Mustafá
  • Variety Castillo
  • Processing Fed-batch Washed
  • Altitude 1550-6500 MASL
  • Roast: Espresso
  • Volume 300g

004 2.0 — Classic+
Pereira, Risalda, Colombia
— Fed-batch semi-washed Castillo

Fed-batch Washed Process
Mixed batch from 3 different days of picking.
In-husk dry resting for up to 24 hours + up to 60 hours dry fermentation in tank.
Sun drying on elevated patio.
You may remember this processing form one of the fastest sold out coffees /013 from Lizardo Herrera.
LaREB is a small foundation of farmers that we work 100% directly with through our good friend Herbert.
This coffee is replacing the first /004 (which we also got from Herbert from LaREB) with a similar, but even better profile.
We met Herbert, one of the initiators of LaREB together with his girlfriend Ana, at the Danish Coffee Festival early 2020 and we became instant buddies. After our first meeting in Denmark we planned on meeting again soon, either in Colombia or the Netherlands. Unfortunately COVID spoiled the party but we’ve been facetiming and talking coffee almost weekly for over 3 years now.

May last year however, Herbert finally was able to visit the roastery. Next stop is to visit him in Colombia later this year and visit the other producers too!

Ana Mustafá leads the LaREB cooperative alongside Herbert and other accomplished producers. Their primary objective is to assist smaller or less experienced members by providing production advice and ensuring professional quality control. They directly export coffee from the farmers, ensuring a secure supply chain and delivering more value to the producers. Remarkably, the coffee produced by Ana with LaREB accounts for 40% of the cooperative’s revenue and 35% of its total coffee output.

Hailing from a coffee-producing family in Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia, Ana comes from the region known as the Coffee Axis of Colombia, renowned for its traditional high-volume coffee production. Her family owns and manages three farms in the vicinity of Pereira.

Until recently, the Mustafá family farms primarily focused on high-volume commercial coffees. However, Ana’s passion for specialty coffee and the opportunities afforded by the LaREB project have motivated her to venture into producing specialty grade lots on her own farms. Her ultimate aim is to transition to majority specialty coffee production.

Ana has taken personal responsibility for implementing specialized harvesting, separation, and processing methods for the lots produced on her family farms. Consequently, she has started introducing high-value, specialty coffees into an area of Colombia that typically deals with commodity coffee.

Expect a classic Colombian washed coffee that you can drink this every single day. Complex and delightful, both on filter and espresso.

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